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Trans-National Kempt Association

Trans-National Kempt Association [TNKA] is the promoter of public health and environmental safety management within the cleaning business industry. As a market influencer, trend setter, and promoter of business intelligence for analytics to propitiate growth and advancement, TNKA is an organization that recognizes the strength in the market, and the expert knowledge, ability, and propensity of industry veterans to create a code of ethics, regulations and standards that will validate the profession of one of the strongest market segments in  the business sector globally.

SIX ways TNKA will make a Strategic Difference:

  • COLLABORATION – The TNKA webinars, workshops, meet-and-greets, quarterly publication, and blog create opportunities to share best practices and fresh ideas.
  • REPUTATION MANAGEMENT – Through self regulation, which bolsters the reputations of all their members, TNKA will help to build consumer confidence in its member’s brands, products, and services.
  • COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS – By participating in the Trans-National Kempt Association’s regional chapters, businesses can gain access to potential new customers or vendors in their area.
  • COOPERATIVE PURCHASING POWER – Through aggregation of the industry, TNKA members will access discounts on products, services, and benefits usually afforded to large companies.
  • COLLECTIVE POLITICAL CLOUT and EXPERTISE – By bringing competitors together, TNKA will assist its members in achieving influence. This will be particularly helpful when those independent businesses need to mobilize quickly, such as when facing proposed political initiatives that threaten the industry.
  • LEGAL and TAX webinars – TNKA will host webinars and workshops on legal, accounting, and tax regulations quarterly to keep its members in the know about regulations as they evolve and new information emerges.

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