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By helping the industry sort out the bad apples through self-regulation, bolstering members through education and support, our collective efforts will strengthen the industry and build consumer confidence in members’ brands, products, and services.


By fostering the opportunity for businesses to share their best practices, spot emerging trends, and experience fresh ideas through webinars, workshops, meet-and-greets, and social media, TNKA will turn many small voices into one persuasive, collective shout.


Through representation and the establishment of strategic alliances, working interdependently with government & regulatory authorities, TNKA will ensure that they are getting a the most accurate view of what is good for the entire cleaning industry.

As a TNKA Member You Gain Access to Support, Standards, & Leverage.


The Trans-National Kempt Association provides you with referrals, specialist advice, and advocacy services. Additionally, you can obtain consultancy services upon request. As a member you have the opportunity to network with your peers at TNKA conferences, exhibitions and other events while you are learning about issues that affect your business and the industry at large. Through the TNKA website and quarterly publication, you will be provided immediate updates regarding changes in industry, technical standards, policy and news along with an early warning system with advice on how to deal with the issues which may be encountered as a result of such changes.


The Trans-National Kempt Association offers all cleaning businesses similar leverage, affording them access to innovative business practices and winning business strategies in the cleaning service industry. These industry-specific strategies will provide independent operations more political clout, which may be helpful whenever proposed local, state, or federal legislation threatens to harm small businesses.


Though there are many serious issues that currently affect the industry—such as immigration reform and health care reform, there are also a number of trends emerging and reemerging. Standard business operating procedures in the industry are all over the map. This has caused a tremendous challenge in creating a uniformity that simply needs to be adhered to more closely. Collectively we will establish and maintain standards that work for all of us.

  • Nurturing Organizational Support
  • Fostering a Global Standard
  • Promoting Accountability
  • Ensuring Strength Via Leverage

“We are building a culture in acceptance of business intelligence, & emerging technologies.”


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